Monday 5 December and Tuesday 6 December, 2011, Orlando, Florida, USA

The Fifth Annual Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW 2011)

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This will be the fifth in the Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW) series, an affiliated workshop of the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC).


Check this web site after the Workshop for links to the papers and presentations. Access proceedings of previous LAWs from the main LAW web page.


The Fifth Layered Assurance Workshop will be held at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa, located inside the Walt Disney World Resort. 

Workshop Background and Description

The Fifth Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW) will be held in Orlando, Florida December 5-6, 2011. The LAW Organizing Committee in conjunction with Applied Computer Security Associates is pleased to present LAW as an affiliated workshop of the 27th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) December 5-9, 2011. If you have attended a previous meeting of the LAW we believe you will find this year's LAW and ACSAC to provide a another great opportunity for exposure to the latest developments in applied computer security.

LAW has provided a forum for vital exchange, as well as a maturing source of information, focused on key issues relating to the effective and efficient modular construction and certification of assured systems from assured components. It is widely recognized that such an approach is the most promising way to achieve diverse and flexible systems that can be certified quickly and cost effectively. LAW is concerned with the theoretical, engineering, and certification challenges to be met before this goal can be fully realized.

The Workshop concerns itself with the fundamental problems of “compositional assurance” and with a need for principles, methods, and techniques that can be applied to achieve the assurance necessary for security-critical, safety-critical, and mission-critical components and systems.

For four years the Layered Assurance Workshop has evolved and grown. The first LAW in 2007 took an exploratory approach, relying heavily on the participants' input to establish the agenda. The second LAW in 2008 had several keynote talks chosen from responses to an open invitation, followed by breakout sessions on diverse topics. The third LAW comprised two thematic days (the first day concerned programmatic needs of government, while the second day concerned research and development) of morning keynote talks, afternoon panels and breakout sessions. The fourth LAW had a full program of invited speakers, contributed papers and related discussions. This year, LAW will have two full days of distinguished speakers, contributed papers, discussions, and panels.

LAW attendees are encouraged to participate in ACSAC in addition to LAW. The conjunction of LAW and ACSAC provides increased opportunities for academic and industry participants to contribute in the forum of their choice. Please pass along information about LAW to colleagues who may be interested.

The workshop is open to all attendees. Please see the ACSAC web site for more information about ACSAC. Registration for LAW is provided on the ACSAC registration web site. Details concerning LAW submissions, program, registration and sponsorships  are provided on the LAW web page.

Hotel Reservations and Workshop Registration

Links for hotel reservations and registration for LAW and ACSAC are provided on the ACSAC web site.

Workshop Program

Contributed papers will be linked to the program prior to the commencement of LAW.
Presentations will be linked to the program shortly after the conclusion of LAW.

The LAW Business Meeting scheduled after the conclusion of sessions on Monday December 5 is open to all interested individuals. Planning for LAW 2012 will commence. Participation from the LAW community is essential to the ongoing vitality of LAW.

LAW attendees are invited to attend the ACSAC Reception on Tuesday December 6 at 6 PM.

The names of invited speakers and presenting authors are underlined in this printable Program and the following.
Biographies of keynote and invited speakers, and Abstracts of their talks are contained in this Program Supplement.
Monday December 5
07:30-08:30 BREAKFAST
Welcome and Opening Remarks            Program            Program Supplement
        Rance DeLong, LynuxWorks, LAW General Chair      slides
        Gabriela Ciocarlie, Coverity, LAW Program Chair
08:45-10:00 Keynote: 
        Supposing we got a "Do over"?
                Howard Shrobe      slides
                DARPA Information Innovation Office (I2O)
                CRASH Program Manager, MRC Program Manager
10:00-10:30 BREAK
10:30-12:00 Panel:
        The Future of Highly Trustworthy Systems, Networks, Apps, and Clouds

                Peter G. Neumann, CRASH CTSRD hw/sw arch, SRI Int'l      slides
                Gregory Sullivan, CRASH SAFE hw/sw arch, BAE Systems      slides
                Rance DeLong, Future MilsTM, LynuxWorks      slides
                W. Mark Vanfleet, Peace-Time Illusion of Availability, NSA /NCSC
                Howard Shrobe, CRASH / MRC Wrap-Up, DARPA I2O
12:00-13:30 LUNCH
Contributed Papers:
        Introduction to the Guardol Programming Language and Verification System
                David Hardin      paper      slides
        Data Flow Logic: Analyzing Information Flow Properties of C Programs
                David Greve      paper      slides
        Layered Assurance Scheme for Multicore Architectures
                Jim Alves-Foss      paper      slides
Invited Talk:
        A Layered Assurance Perspective: Lessons from the Formal Analysis
        of Fault-Tolerant Systems
                Paul Miner      slides
                Senior Research Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center
Contributed Papers:
        Evaluating Multicore Architectures for Application in H-A Systems
                Ryan Bradetich      paper      slides
        Composing a High-Assurance Infrastructure out of  TCB Components
                Mark R. Heckman      paper      slides
18:00-18:45 LAW Business Meeting and LAW 2012 Planning
Tuesday December 6
07:30-08:30 BREAKFAST
08:30-08:45 Day 2 Opening Remarks
08:45-10:00 Keynote:
        Using eliminative induction and defeasible reasoning
        to assess assurance case confidence
                John B. Goodenough      slides
                SEI Fellow
                Former Chief Technical Officer
                Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
10:00-10:30 BREAK
10:30-11:45 Invited Talk:
        Rigorous Component-based System Design
        Using the BIP Framework

                Saddek Bensalem      slides
                Professor, University Joseph Fourier
                Technical Project Leader, Distributed and Complex
                        Systems Group, VERIMAG Laboratory
                European Network of Excellence on Embedded System Design
Discussion - ALL
12:00-13:30 LUNCH
Work-In-Progress Presentations
        Multi-layer Defense for Power Grid SCADA Systems
Joseph Giampapa      abstract      slides
        High Robustness
                John W. Mildner      abstract      slides
        MILS Research
                Rance DeLong      abstract      slides
        Metric for Layered Defenses
                Nathaniel Boggs      paper      slides
        Compositional Assurance for Robotic Coordination
                Joseph Giampapa      abstract      slides
Invited Talk:
        Bluespec Codesign Language: A Unified Language
        to Enable Hardware / Software Codesign
                Nirav Dave      slides
                Computer Scientist, SRI International
16:45-17:30 Discussion - ALL
Closing Remarks

LAW Organizing Committee

Joyce Brookins
Air Force Cryptographic Modernization Program Office (CMPO)
Gabriela Ciocarlie
Rance J. DeLong LynuxWorks
George W. Dinolt
Naval Postgraduate School
Peter G. Neumann
SRI International
Michael Putney
Gordon Uchenick

Contact: Workshop Chairman

Rance J. DeLong -- LynuxWorks