Techniques based on formal logic, such as model checking, satisfiability, static analysis, and automated theorem proving, are finding a broad range of applications in modeling, analysis, verification, and synthesis. This school, the eleventh in the series, will focus on the principles and practice of formal techniques, with a strong emphasis on the hands-on use and development of this technology. It primarily targets graduate students and young researchers who are interested in studying and using formal techniques in their research. A prior background in formal methods is helpful but not required. Participants at the school can expect to have a seriously fun time experimenting with the tools and techniques presented in the lectures during laboratory sessions.


Speaking Logic: Background Course

The main lectures in the summer school will be preceded by a background course on logic


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Scallop @SSFT22 Bootcamp
SSFT '22: UCLID5 Lab

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Previous Summer Schools on Formal Techniques

Information about previous Summer Schools on Formal Techniques can be found at

Jay Bosamiya of CMU has blogged about the 2018 Summer School at


Registration for SSFT22 is now closed - check back next year

This year, the school will take place in a hybrid mode: the lectures and labs will be live-streamed and recorded. We strongly encourage in-person participation so that you can benefit from interactions outside the classroom. On-site Covid testing will be available. We have funding from NSF to cover transportation/food/lodging expenses for selected US-based students. Non-student and non-US in-person participants will be expected to cover their own transportation and will be charged a fee for the school to cover the cost of food and lodging.

The nearest airport to the summer school is SFO. Use Supershuttle for ground transportation to/from SFO - we should have a discount code shortly.