Automated Formal Methods (AFM) 2017

May 19, 2017

NASA Ames Research Center

Moffett Field, CA, USA

In association with 9th NASA Formal Methods Symposium (NFM) 2017

This will be the sixth in the Automated Formal Methods (AFM) workshop series. Earlier workshops were AFM06, AFM07, AFM08, AFM09, and AFM10 It is colocated with the NASA Formal Methods (NFM) 2017 symposium. AFM functions both as a user's meeting for SRI's tools such as PVS, SAL, and Yices, and as a workshop for those interested in state of the art automation for formal methods generally.

Workshop Description

AFM is a one-day workshop centered around the use and integration of highly automated formal verification tools for specification, interactive theorem proving, satisfiability (SAT) and satisfiability modulo theories (SMT), model checking, program verification, static analysis, runtime verification, code generation, and testing, as well as interfaces, documentation, and education.

This workshop was originally initiated as a users' group meeting for the SRI formal verification tools, which now include PVS, SAL, HybridSAL, SALLY, Yices, NL-Yices, Joogie, Bixie, and SeaHorn, together with technologies under development, such as ARSENAL, Radler, PCE, and ETB However, topics are not restricted to these tools: we welcome contributions on all aspects of state of the art automation.

We welcome position papers, research papers, and reports on work in progress on the topics listed above, particularly those that report on experiments, tool integration and evaluation, and case studies. Papers must be fewer than 8 pages long in the ACM SIG Proceedings style ( and should be submitted to

Important Dates

Position papers dueApril 3, 2017
Reviews/decisionsApril 24, 2017
Camera ready versions dueMay 8, 2017
AFM17 WorkshopMay 19, 2017
AFM17 TutorialsMay 20, 2017

Workshop Program

The program includes contributed papers and invited talks selected by the international program committee.

Program Committee

Saddek BensalemVerimag
Matthew BoltonBuffalo
Maria Paola BonacinaVerona
Alessandro CoglioKestrel Institute
Bruno DutertreSRI, co-Chair
Leonard GerardSRI
Stephane Graham-LengrandEcole Polytechnique
Arie GurfinkelU. of Waterloo
Liana HadareanSynopsys
Ben HockingDependable Computing
Susmit JhaSRI
Dejan JovanovicSRI
Temesghen KahsaiCMU West
Aditya KanadeIISc, Bangalore
Wenchao LiBoston University
Paolo MasciQueen Mary
Mariano MoscatoNIA
Cesar MunozNASA Langley
Anitha MurugesanHoneywell Research
Jorge NavasSRI
Natasha NeogiNIA
Sam OwreSRI
Lee PikeGalois
Elvinia RiccobeneMilan
Kristin RozierIowa
John RushbySRI
Martin SchaefSRI
Natarajan ShankarSRI, co-Chair
Wilfried SteinerTTTech
Ashish TiwariSRI
Alan WassyngMcMaster University

Workshop Organizers